Reflecting on the Revolutionary Love Event on Valentine’s Day

Guest Post by Carly King

On February 14th I was honored to co-facilitate an interactive dialogue and movement experience for a night of: Revolutionary Love alongside Maureen St. Claire and Jane Nurse. It was an interactive experience expressing and putting to practice love -in-action through community/partnered dialogues and free flow movement of the body.

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Seeking Natural Healing ~ The Impact of Nature on Our Wellbeing

We all have memories of being refreshed by a perfectly timed sea bath or a hike to a waterfall tucked in the hills. What many of us don’t know is that being in nature - even simply spending more time in your yard - has measurable positive effects on our immune system and mental wellbeing. But yet it isn’t always easy to prioritize nature in our lives.

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Reflections On My Pregnancy + 9 Ways Prenatal Yoga Can Support You Through Yours

Yoga helps me ride the waves and try to accept my feelings as they come with minimal judgement. Even if I don’t practice on my yoga mat as much as I want to, I use the skills I learn daily. I’m sharing this list of prenatal yoga’s benefits to help spread awareness about this simple, affordable resource to support you or your loved-one through their unique journey.

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