7 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Diving Retreat at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Originally published on TravelJewels by Jewels Rhode who took her first visit to Grenada for our last Scuba Yoga Retreat.

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As I brainstormed ways to welcome in my 29th year, I knew I wanted something relaxing, reflective, and slow-paced, with a hint of adventure. One of my college friends, Malaika, is from and lives in Grenada and has been trying to get me down there for a while. Malaika is a Yoga Teacher and helps put on a lot of retreats in Grenada. She told me about a Scuba Yoga Day retreat happening at the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, and I immediately knew I found my birthday trip! I’m always up to challenging myself. I’ve had a paralyzing fear of the deep ocean for years, so I decided to use this trip as a way to conquer my phobia. I started taking swim lessons two months prior to my trip to help me get comfortable in the water. My solo adventure to the Scuba Yoga Day retreat and staying at True Blue Bay helped me enter year 29 feeling rejuvenated and recharged!

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