A Tailored by Terrie-Ann Interview

Meet Grenadian Blogger Terrie-Ann Charles, who gives us a glimpse behind her life and her inspiration behind the Mommy Meet Up, coming in November 2018


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I am Terrie-Ann Charles, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I also will consider myself a creative because I do bits and pieces of everything. I am a wife and mom of a 4-year-old.

On TailoredbyTerriann you stated that when you’re not blogging we can find you hosting events or spending time with your family, how do you balance work, family, and self-care?

To be honest I would say that I am still in the process of finding balance. This world is fast paced and so is my life. I am learning to have a daily “to do list”, which helps me to keep track of and complete regular tasks. Additionally, the “to do list”, helps me to know my limitations and hence I can prioritize quality time spent with my family. I enjoy going to the beach and watching movies, so I honestly try to schedule in either one or two once a week.


Who or what inspired you to host the Mommy Meet-Up this coming November?

Carlana Charles, creator of FemmePowered, inspired me to host the Mommy Meet-Up. She persuaded and encouraged me to include this event to my list of other women empowerment events. My passion for events, especially women empowerment events is my motivation. I am a mother and I am looking for a community that I can feel comfortable and vested by other mothers and vice versa.

 What inspired the topic of this first Meet-up, “How to Boost our Self Confidence as Mothers?

Self-confidence is a very vital attribute every mom should possess. As mothers, our daily lifestyles can ruin our self-confidence and sometimes we are aware or unaware of it. I believe firmly that we as mothers need to have poise to combat the many circumstances we may encounter and be able to enjoy life more assuredly that will bring us closer to our purpose in life.


What do you hope women take away from the Mommy Meet-Up?

  • Community spirit, knowing that this event created a safe-haven for them to feel comfortable and protected

  • Knowledge, that whatever they learnt they will apply it to their everyday lives to live out the full purpose with exceeding joy and peace

  • Empowerment that they will leave motivated to turn a new chapter of their lives

  • Friendships, I would desire that we will develop new bonds of friendship

  • Networking, that we will be able to collaborate

Register online for the Mommy Meet Up hosted by Terrie-Ann at Spice Harmony Yoga on Nov 24th 2018