Reflections On My Pregnancy + 9 Ways Prenatal Yoga Can Support You Through Yours

Originally published by Malaika, our co-founder, on her Blog.


I’m nearing the end of my second trimester, and what I can tell you is that even with minimal physical discomforts (so far, fingers crossed for the final stretch), this journey into motherhood isn’t easy. My body is working magic that I can’t even begin to understand in order to co-create a whole new human. This is all happening while it tries to keep me alive and well too!

Bliss, fear, awe, ease, sadness, overwhelm, wonder, excitement, exhaustion, gratitude… are all up for grabs at any given moment of my day. Yoga helps me ride the waves and try to accept my feelings as they come with minimal judgement. Even if I don’t practice on my yoga mat as much as I want to, I use the skills I learn daily. I’m sharing this list of prenatal yoga’s benefits to help spread awareness about this simple, affordable resource to support you or your loved-one through their unique journey.

When I was just a few weeks pregnant I began teaching a new series of MaterniTea: Yoga for Pregnancy at Spice Harmony Yoga. I actually told the women in the group I was pregnant on the very first day of class, weeks before making any public announcement. For me this was important because, for the first time, I was offering the class as a pregnant woman myself. I also wanted to demonstrate how much I trust in the confidentiality of the space and encourage the women to be open about the truth of their experiences. After all, there are no other resources like this for pregnant woman in Grenada so we have to make the most of it.

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Maternitea: Gentle Prenatal Yoga, Tuesdays 5pm, $20EC at Spice Harmony Yoga