7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Originally posted on the True Blue Bay Resort Blog. We're excited to partner with them on the Heal Your Sleep Wellness Day Retreat coming up later this year.

“Sleep is essential, it is one of the key pillars of health” according to Dr. Frank Lipman from the Eleven Eleven Wellness Institute. However, we don’t need the good doctor to tell us this. Anyone who has suffered from sleep deprivation, or has had a rocky relationship with a good night’s sleep for whatever reason knows that without a good night’s sleep you are not you the fullest expression of yourself.

Major contributors that stop many from sleeping well are feelings of anxiety, over stimulation from our hyper connected existence through electronic devices, constant notifications and simply the daily demands of modern life.

Here are some tips to help you sleep better at night:

1. Go into nature and charge up on negative ions
Apart from promoting a relaxed feeling which is the ideal condition for falling asleep, negative ions also stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which promote deep sleep. Despite their name negative ions, they are actually good for the body. They are concentrated in spaces like the seaside, beaches, in forests and waterfalls. They help the body to relax and bring about a feeling of general wellness and relaxation.

2. Get Cozy
Getting cozy, settling down and unwinding is key in preparing your body for a restful nights sleep. Before electricity, us humans organised our lives in better harmony with nature making use of daylight hours and winding down when the sun set.

3. Drink Soothing Herbal Teas
The earth has generously gifted us with the allies we need for a good life- and it is pretty hard to refute the calming effect of a warm cup of herbal tea. However, not all herbs were created equal when it comes to helping you get a good night’s rest.  Ginger improves digestion and promotes muscle relaxation while mint is a stress reliever and relaxant-  both help the body unwind and prepare for sleep. 

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4. Gentle Stretching, Yoga and Meditation
Often built up tension in the body keeps us from relaxing fully- over time this build up of tension can affect good sleep. Gently stretching the body or practicing yoga is a good way to release any built up tension. A consistent practice that becomes part of your daily routine does this best.

Meditating - oh the dreaded meditation has a terrible reputation of making our mind more busy than usual, doing the opposite of what we really intended! Try a guided meditation that prompts certain  positive and relaxing thoughts rather than sitting in silence and magically expecting the mind to become clear. When the mind calms down so does the body- and this is precisely what we are after...

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