New Moon, Who Dis? The Power of Introspection and Intention.

"Magic is just focusing and directing will to create a specific result in your life” - @tatiannatarot

In leu of the Spiritual Wellness Day Retreat with Tatianna Tarot and our very own Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe coming up in Carriacou later this month, we decided to introduce you to her in her element in a special way - an interview with her on the Black Girl In Om Podcast. In this episode, the Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory dive into the power of intention for manifesting the life we want, ancient spiritual practices and tarot card reading with Tatianna, an intuitive tarot therapist and spiritual wellness practitioner.

"Worry is a prayer for things that we don't want" - @TatiannaTarot


In this insightful conversation Tatianna helps to demystify the practice of Tarot reading and the way that she uses tarot to provide insight into the present moment and current vibrations rather than "predict the future". She talks about the power of creating little rituals, like making a gratitude list while brushing your teeth. The next New Moon is on March 17th, Tatianna speaks about the power of the New Moon and shares important self-reflective questions you might want to ask your self in these days leading up to it.

"New moon, who's this? New month, new intentions, new energy. The New moon phase is an opportunity for people to be introspective and really ask themselves important questions. What have I learnt from the past month? what are my new goals? what do I need to let go of? etc. There's a new chapter and evolution is taking place." 

Listen to this episode for insights into the importance of living with intention and bringing that intention into all that you do. Learn about the mastery of manifestation and how each of us can manifest things in our own lives through listening and remaining open to the messages all around us.

"Be mindful of what you're invoking through your energy, thoughts and actions" - @TatiannaTarot

Give yourself the opportunity to learn and be enlightened by this awesome conversation, check out the podcast!! 

Experience the awesomeness in person with Tatianna at the Spiritual Wellness Retreat in Carriacou, your mind soul and body will thank you!