Living Your Passion & Self-Care with Chrislyn Lashington

Chrislyn Lashington over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Chrislyn Lashington over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Firstly, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Chrislyn Lashington aka Msy.Chrissy. I’m a marketing and communications consultant as well as a Zumba instructor. I think that would be the shortest way of packaging everything I do.

What keeps you balanced?

The beach! Everything that I do for a living - as in to make money so that I can survive in this world - are my passions, so it’s never really tedious. It’s not hard to stay on top of the things because I actually enjoy doing them. In terms of balancing, the beach is very important to me, I go to the beach at least once a week to relax and rejuvenate. Zumba helps also because it’s dancing so endorphins are released.


What are your challenges with self-care?

Challenges, hmm that’s an interesting one. I don’t know you know, I don’t think I have any challenges. When I’m really busy, sometimes it’s hard to find time to do the pampering stuff; getting massages and getting my nails and eyebrows done. It’s just those times when i’m really busy though, eventually I find time to do it. Generally it’d be time, I’ve never actually thought about this before. I guess money would also be a challenge. I love to travel and if I was rich I’d probably travel a lot more. Another challenge might be time for nurturing friendships. Nothing beats going out with a bunch of your girlfriends or guy friends or a mix of whomever and having a good time. But since everybody is on different levels and schedules, it’s hard to get everyone in the same space, so you end up only meeting up on birthdays, carnival and Christmas, so that’s definitely a challenge.

Chrislyn a  Spice Harmony Yoga  Morning Glow Yoga Wall Class

Chrislyn a Spice Harmony Yoga Morning Glow Yoga Wall Class

What’s your favourite home remedy?

Yes! So I’m back to taking care of my hair at home now that I’m outside of the 8 to 4 or I should say 8 to 8 corporate world and offering marketing/communications services to small to medium enterprises, I have more time to play with my hair, so sometimes I mix up some fun oils and food items in my lab. A bath soak is nice for me. I use peppermint oil in my bath water, and that really gives a nice invigorating feeling and then you’re all tingly after. I do foot soaks as well, I just put whatever smells good in there. Oh yeah also, tea is everything! Like twice or 3 times a day for me. A typical good night for me when I’m like yo let’s just love up 'yuhself' would be, soaking in bath water, then I rub myself down with Sheba’s Whipped Cocoa Butter, do my nails and chill out, watch an episode of something - all with a scented candle burning and falling asleep after, that’s it. If i’m sick, the only thing that happens to me, is a cold mostly from exhaustion. Typically I would need 2 days of sleep, lots of big thyme tea and Vitamin C, like overdose on vitamin C every hour i’ll be taking it and I’m good after the 2 days. Oh, beach! And dancing since you have to sweat it out to, a face steam is good as well.

Grenada being such a small island, what keeps you inspired?

Travel. The truth is, we have the beauty of the internet where you can scroll through your instagram feed and you’re following tons of people doing tons of different things all over the world. That keeps you fresh on ideas but I think nothing really beats leaving the island. Every time I leave and come back, I feel pumped and ready to roll so yeah. I can’t say that there’s anyone in particular that I get inspiration from, but I feel like when you see a bunch of things subliminally in a few minutes of scrolling, I’m sure it has some sort of impact, so it’s hard to say one particular person or thing inspires me.

What’s your favourite fruit?

Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango, oh and Soursop. I just bought some sapodillas, but I won’t put them as a top. They were on top when I was younger but I think those 4 would really excite me.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
That’s a really tough one, because I don’t regret anything and I honestly believe everything comes in it’s own time, so it’s hard to look back at my younger self and say something you know, except tell the future lol. Maybe, focus more on my passions, develop them rather than just having them as an extracurricular activity. Then again, I can justify why I didn’t do that at the time. We live in a world where a career is a certain thing you know, it’s only now that there are so many more opportunities in Grenada for the creatives like myself. I wouldn’t say that I wasted time doing a degree in Life Sciences, getting a Masters in Public Health while playing steel pan and doing all those creative things on the side. I realised that I could make a living doing the things that I loved, and that morphed into Marketing and Public Relations/ Dance/ Entertainment, so eventually I studied them as well. So yeah, I wouldn’t really have much to say to my younger self. Yuh live yuh learn.


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