Self-Love, Body Positivity & Self-Care with Adreene Forsyth


Firstly, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Adreene Forsyth and I work at Hexive creative Agency. I’m only 21, but people normally give me 24 for whatever reason. I own the brand Eyeriie where I make jewellery. I’m really passionate about it and someday I really hope that i’ll be able to venture off into my own business probably not only making jewellery, that’s the goal so let's see what life brings.

What keeps you balanced, because you seem to have a lot on your plate?

Yes i do. I’ll be totally honest, I don’t think i’m balanced. To be honest, I don’t think there is such a thing as balance, because sh*t happens everyday. I go to work from 9 - 5 and by the time I get home, i’m extremely tired and I say ok i’m gonna do yoga today, sit and meditate tomorrow and it just never happens. How I really clear my mind after a long day and find that form of balance, is by making jewellery on a weekend when I can and I don’t know if this sounds strange but, I drink this tea in the night and early in the morning, and it’s amazing. It’s simple and it takes no time or effort. Eventually I hope that I can find some form of balance as we call it; whether it's that I say i’m gonna put aside my Saturdays to do yoga but right now, it’s sorta crazy.

What are your challenges with self-care?

Time. Even though self care is something that i’ve always been into; I’ll just use this example, from since before I started doing my locs, I used to always put aside Sundays as my wash days and nothing could get in the way of that. As for my skin care, every morning and night, I put aside time for that, so I guess all these things contribute to me being balanced.  I do find the time for self-care, I just wish I had more of it.

Body positivity is a big part of your brand, how important would you say it is?

I think it’s extremely important. As a matter of fact, when I first started making jewellery, I only started with waist beads and I used to get messages very often from girls saying “oh my stomach isn’t flat enough for this and such” and in my head i’m like first of all, quit body shaming yourself, secondly, everyone doesn’t look the same, and thirdly, who said waist beads are for a 25 inch waist? And just by speaking positivity into them, it would make such a huge difference. I don’t do it because I want them to purchase my stuff, I find that ridiculous. I try to enlighten them a bit, about self love and care. A lot of people also have a lot of misconceptions about waist beads; like they’re supposed to be shown. Honestly though, back then, women wore them to woo their husbands and as a sign of maturity, so essentially it’s private. It’s these days that the whole idea of waist beads has changed and that’s why you have so many girls that feel like they’re not slim enough to wear them, and it’s like no boo, no.

Reposted by @ eyeriie  from @theonlywayisghana

Reposted by @eyeriie from @theonlywayisghana

What’s your favourite home remedy?

Ok lets start with the hair. Now i’m not gonna talk about when I had lose hair, because those days are gone lol. Now that i’m growing locs, if I was to make a concoction at home, it would be a cleanse; made from apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda into warm water and i’ll just dump my hair into it and that helps get rid of build up and little particles that get into it from being outdoors; that’s what I do for my hair. For my skin, i’m really trying to keep it simple because i’ve always had an acne problem and personally, I think I go too hard and come down too hard on myself as it deals with my skin so I try to keep it extremely simple. I don’t do much home remedies for my skin, oh actually, I do a bentonite clay mask. It’s good, but oh God, it’s strong and you need to be careful. I mix it with apple cider vinegar and I just use it as mask. I really just try to keep it simple, I use a soap by Belzeb, I don’t know if you know about that brand. She’s not really on social media, but it’s a papaya soap that helps with scarring. I also use Sheba’s Cocoa butter and her scrub. It’s amazing! It gets that melanin popping. For my skincare and stuff, I try to remain local. I support Sheba with her cocoa butter and Renee’s Sensationz, she has a nice coffee scrub. I would use that all over my body and that’s about it. I try to keep it as organic and simple as I can.

Grenada being such a small island, what keeps you inspired?

I think we’re small, but we have a great amount of talent; so I could just give you a list of people that inspire me. Sheba for sure, I learn a lot from her business wise. Raquel Leid, she’s a fashion designer. Malaika of course, she gives me great insight on self care and we don’t speak often, but I know if i’m ever in need of some great advice, I can go to her. I believe the smaller we are as an island, the better. Island life is very interesting, and because it’s small, it’s like everybody is your family.

What’s your favourite fruit?

Oh geez, I LOVE fruits! If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I love fruits. I would sometimes leave my house on a Saturday just to get fruits. I don’t have a favourite fruit, I have favourite fruits. I love Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana… every damn thing lol. But yeah, those are the on the top of my list, especially in smoothies. With someone like me who’s always on the run, it’s a quick way to get stuff down. You get your servings of fruits one time.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

To my younger self...oh God, the thing is, i’m still so young and I still have so much to learn. My teenage years were horrible; I was bullied in secondary school. I just wanted those years to fly and everyone kept saying, you’re gonna miss secondary school and these are the best days of your life and I’m like I’m ready to be out. So my advice to my younger self would be to probably love myself more; because around those years, I really didn’t and I was constantly looking for validation from the wrong set of people. Looking for validation outside is already wrong, but looking for it from the wrong bracket of people just makes it 10 times worse. So yeah I would say self love over validation. Confidence comes over time. I don’t like to hear when you meet someone going through the same situation that you did, and you just tell them to be confident; you know it doesn’t work like that and it’s a process. I actually have a blog on this. It’s something that I’m open about now, before I didn’t want anyone to know that I’d been through all of this. Now it’s like, I want to spread it because you never know it could help somebody.

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