Mindful Eating In 5 Easy Steps

In leu of the Grenada Chocolate Festival starting this week, here's a post original published on Malaika's Blog after her Chocolate Yoga Meditation at the Festival last year. 


Mindful eating is one little way that I practice yoga off my mat. This type of meditation is really useful since we all have unconscious habits related to food. Mindful eating is a practice of bringing our attention to what, how, and when we eat.

At the end of this post I've laid out Mindful Eating in 5 Easy Steps. When we shine a light of awareness on the things we do/eat/think, then we can see whether or not they are moving us to (or away from) balance in body and mind.  

When we slow down enough to fully enjoy foods we love, then in essence, we gift ourself that whole experience. We explored mindfulness as a way of being more connected with life.

Malaika teaching at the Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017 on May 13th at Sankalpa Yoga Studio, True Blue Bay Resort.


1. Why - Why am I eating, am I hungry? Am I just bored, stressed or even thirsty? Surprisingly, we sometimes confuse dehydration for hunger so make sure you are drink plenty water. Pause long enough to really listen to what you need, you are the expert of your own body. 

2. Who - Who grew it, harvested it, cooked it? Make more nourishing choices by considering where your food is coming from.  In your meditation you can also send your best wishes to the people who contributed to your nourishment.

3.  Where - Where am I eating? Am I eating on the go? Buying lunches all the time? Eat home-cooked meals with your friends and loved ones more often. Know what you are eating (and save money) by bringing your lunch to work.


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