The Benefits of Yoga for School Teachers

Photo by  from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

Burnout can be experienced in every job, but it is all too common among school teachers. As Happy Hill Secondary School teacher and Spice Harmony regular Alana says, "Yoga offers a calm place to go when there are situations that can be tumultuous, it helps me to relax and find that peace and take it from there" Teachers have the expectations of their administrations, parents and students on their shoulders. While they are critical in developing the future of our country teachers often underpaid, overworked and undersupported. 

This is why we are offering 25% of the cost of our yoga classes for school teachers this summer! 

Teachers Pay Only $15EC per yoga Class until August 31st 2018

Yoga can help teachers explore their ability to control their responses to stressful situations. They often cannot control the situation itself or individual players in it, however they can remain calm, make better choices, feel empowered and take clear action. Practice can also help teachers to move on from feelings of hurt to feeling more capable and confident, using breath and movement to reduce the effects of chronic stress.

"You can't give what you don't have. If a teacher wants to deliver a sense of well-being, a sense of safety, a sense of self-regulation, a sense of active engagement without stress, he or she can't do that if they can't create that within their own bodies." - Catherine Cook-Cottone,  Associate Professor, State University of New York's Graduate School of Education in Buffalo.


Benefits of Yoga for Teachers:

  • Improved self-awareness of thoughts, emotions, and causes for behaviors

  • Stronger ability to resolve conflicts

  • Deeper empathy and compassion, for self and others

  • Less stress, burnout, depression and anxiety

  • Reduced reactivity and negativity

We are happy to serve a number of school teachers throughout the year. But we know that during the term it can be more challenging to take the time to practice yoga, with after school commitments etc. So we are excited to encourage more teachers to join us by offer this summer discount. Tell your teacher friends, only $15EC per yoga class all summer long.  When teachers thrive, so do our nations students.

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