Eat Local: Mango


Did you know that Mango is referred to as the Unofficial King of Fruits and it’s also the most widely eaten fruit ?

Currently in season right now in Grenada, You can find mango literally everywhere! Tell us your favourite types of mango. Our yoga teachers love Julie, Tin, Calivigny and Palouis just to name a few. 

 Scientifically known as Mangifera Indica, the mango is a member of the Drupe family, a fruit in which the outer layer is a thin skin, the middle layer is thick and usually fleshy and the inner layer, known as the pit, is hard and stony. There are many different kinds of mangoes. While the inner flesh of a mango is mostly a golden yellow, the skin varies in colour. Some are green, red, yellow or orange. Mango also varies in shape, texture, flavour and size.

Mango is known for its sweet and mildly tart flavour and it contains over 20 vitamins and minerals. Mangoes can also be used in many different ways, its used in the creation of some of the yummiest desserts ever! Ice cream, jam, juice, and even savory cuisines! Adreene from our most recent interview also named mangoes as one of her favourite fruits

As much as the taste of mangoes can create a delightful tropical experience and enjoyment for your taste buds, there is an array of health benefits mango has to offer, making it a super fruit!

Health Benefits: 

  • Cancer Prevention: Research has shown antioxidant compounds in mango fruit have been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes.
  • Lowers Cholesterol: The high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C help to lower serum cholesterol levels, specifically Low-Density Lipoprotein (the bad stuff).
  • Improves Eye Health: One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight and prevents night blindness and dry eyes.
  • Immune System Boost: The generous amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A in mangos, plus 25 different kinds of carotenoids keep your immune system healthy and strong.
  • May Help with Diabetes: Mango leaves help normalise insulin levels in the blood. The traditional home remedy involves boiling leaves in water, soaking through the night and then consuming in the morning. Mango fruit also has a relatively low glycemic index so moderate quantities will not spike your sugar levels.

This fruit is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients and many different health benefits. We're in luck because you can find mangoes everywhere in Grenada right now, so pick up one today and enjoy!


WE FOUND A LIST OF 23 Mango recipes that bring the tropics to you, GIVE IT A TRY AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!