Cultivate Self-Confidence through Yoga

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we choose not to speak our truth because we fear the judgement of others. Or we stay in our comfort zone because we fear that trying something new might lead to failure. Without self-confidence we let fear take over and conquer us, but practicing yoga can help.

Confidence, according to Psychology Today, is a belief in one's self and one's ability to succeed. Like yoga, self-confidence is a practice of balance. Overconfidence can cause us to be reckless, judgemental and “cocky”. Yet, we need to believe in ourselves enough that we seize opportunities, handle challenges and feel fulfilled. Also when we project the right amount of confidence it can help us gain people’s trust and builds our credibility.

Yoga can support you in cultivating a healthy level of confidence in yourself. Our co-founder Malaika Maitland says, “Yoga teaches us to identify and let go of the limiting beliefs in our lives, those old stories about ourselves and our circumstances that keep is stuck.” As we get to know, accept and ultimately love ourselves more, it is a lot easier to let go of fear.

By practicing breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation, we can improve our mental wellness and physical health, which contributes to a boost in self-confidence.

Yoga can build self-confidence by:

  • Encouraging you to practice self-care out of respect and love for yourself.

  • Detoxifying your state of mind by letting go of limiting beliefs

  • Releasing anxiety and built up tension

  • Building your strength and flexibility so you feel more physically capable

  • Releasing endorphins, hormones that trigger feelings of positivity

  • Giving you new community of supportive, non-judgmental people to lean on.

Ultimately, the more connected we are to a positive community and to our own body, mind and soul, the more confident we will be. So the next time you settle onto a yoga mat, bring in the intentions of love and self-confidence and see how fulfilling and transformative your practice will become on and off the mat.