Reflecting on the Revolutionary Love Event on Valentine’s Day

Guest Post by Carly King

On February 14th I was honored…

to co-facilitate an interactive dialogue and movement experience for a night of: Revolutionary Love alongside Maureen St. Clair and Jane Nurse. Revolutionary Love was an interactive experience expressing and putting to practice love -in-action through community/partnered dialogues and free flow movement of the body. Witnessing one another's stories shared over the themes of love, rage, hope, forgiveness, and freedom - we moved to embody each other's story and our own. Taking space. Holding space. Actively listening. Freely speaking. Witnessing. Moving.

It was an evening that demonstrated a true elixir I believe in - that when we can get into our bodies in community we allow the opportunity to access more states of deeper connection, communication and common experience as human beings. Connection and love has become a most intentional practice to do in a physical world that is full of systems against it from having its say. And yet - these are some of our most basic of human needs. Love of oneself. Love for another.


"The Circle is everyday ceremony: the invention of our most ancient Godmothers, who upon witnessing the myriad ways nature exalted this humble shape, claimed itas the spiritual center of their communities. Held by the simple rituals of opening and completion, honoring and appreciation, the Circle acts as a vehicle for both storytelling and transcending our stories. In Circle, we are conversing with the divine."
- Baraka Elihu

In circle we can value our connection just as much as our individuality as we welcome one-ness. It is a space to remember that we are always "more alike than unalike" as beloved Dr. Maya Angelou once said. In a circle is a powerful space where the whole is always greater.

Thank you to Spice Harmony Yoga for extending your special space to facilitate this evening of mirrors, actionable love and connection in community.

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Carly King is a writer, certified Reiki energy practitioner, certified therapeutic dance movement guide and Embodied Transformation Coach. She founded her healing arts practice, CarlySoul, in 2017 to offer safe spaces for people who see to explore, shift and connect into their most authentic and aligned relationship of self and with others.

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