How Mothers Set the Tone for Self Care and Wellness

Guest Post by: Ebboni X Savory

As women, we are many things such as doctors, artists, business professionals, teachers, mothers, healers and the list goes on and on. Most often than not we are also caretakers in some capacity or another. It goes without saying that we have historically been matriarchs who uphold values and support family and community by handing down tradition and knowledge. But are we taking care of ourselves well enough or at all?


There are so many things that can come up in us when we actually stop for a moment and ask ourselves how we are caring for ourselves and how are we not. Most of us would benefit greatly from a little bit of time to ourselves, or enjoying food we love, being pampered or even sharing space with a few people we love and who love us.

Pouring from an empty cup can be a recipe for disaster and although many of us have survived doing it for so long it is refreshing to find that more and more we are making ourselves a priority. This is why I’m so passionate about the Mama Just Doing It event I’m hosting on Sat. May 11th 2019 at Spice Harmony Yoga. We have to continue taking steps toward love, self-care and healing. By loving and caring for ourselves in ways that we are nourished, allows us to operate closer to our maximum potential and bring that energy into all that we do. Cultivating a lifestyle and practices that may include fitness, time in nature, yoga, meditation and eating good and nutritious foods can make a huge difference in how we perform in all aspects of our lives.

One of the most important is that the children and people who look to us for care will see that and also be much more inclined to do the same. We pave the way for the future by whatever we put into the world, the work we produce and by simply walking fully in our individuality. Our children and children’s children will either shrink or grow by the choices we make today. We set the tone for wellness, and many other things. Lets all do our part to not only cultivate our own wellness practices but to share them with others whenever we are able to. It takes a village. 

~ Join the village and let’s learn together ~

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Photos from the first Mama Just Doing It event in Toronto in 2018 taken by @shwntol


About Ebboni

Ebboni X Savory is a writer, blogger and doula. A mother of 3 who focuses her work around uplifting women to heal and grow into becoming our best selves. She created the Mama Just Doing It, event series to bring mothers together and create a wider community of purposeful wellness and sisterhood. 

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