Karlene Bourne - Yoga is my life

We'd like to thank all of our students for coming to our classes. Whether beginner or advanced - you make this yoga family special! We are all teachers to one another. And that is why we are introducing this new Student Feature, in which we invite one of you each month to share your favorite yoga pose and personal insights.

The first yogini to honor us with her wise words is long-time student at Spice Harmony Yoga Studio, Karlene Bourne, who says: 'Yoga is my life.'

Karlene Bourne | Photo credit: Jane Nurse

Karlene Bourne | Photo credit: Jane Nurse


Who are you & what do you do?

I'm a Karlene and I'm a yogi. I have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Fidela and she lives in New York. Currently I work at St.George's University as the Clinic Administrator.

How long have you been practicing yoga for?

This is my third year.

What draws you to yoga and inspires you to continue?

It's just an amazing journey. Yoga is my life. I just can't see myself without yoga.

How does yoga influence your life off the mat?

You see things differently. You do things differently. I'm much more focused. It's just so wholistic because in yoga it's not just about practicing on the mat - well at least in this studio, in this yoga family. It is about life. It's about the food we eat. What we do. It's just so wholistic so I just keep coming back. And then the yoga family - the Lowe family - they are just amazing! I just can't see myself without this. It's part of me.

What's your favorite yoga pose and why?

Oh God I've got so many! So many... Uhmm King dancers pose. I love the twist, the warrior, the eagle. Just so many. Maybe if you ask me what's my least favorite I could tell because maybe it's just one.

What advice would you give to someone who's getting into their first yoga class?

Come with an open mind. And one thing the yoga teacher always says is, listen to your body and don't see what the other person is doing. Just come with an open mind.

If you could practice yoga in a unique place, where would that be and why?

Right here! You know because I just love hearing the voice of the yoga teacher and just practicing with my fellow classmates. I have tried to develop a personal practice but that's still work in progress. I prefer to come to the yoga studio and practice with others.

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