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“ Having Malaika as my Doula was great because she has a warm and welcoming aura. Participating in her Maternitea prenatal yoga classes was really helpful but having her with me during labour was priceless. I think what helped me the most was the guided breathing and the essential oils that she used for massage. The lavender was very calming, and the citrus oil gave me a boost of energy in those moments when I needed it most. Even though I had my family with me for support, she was more willing to push me when I needed encouragement to keep moving and walking. She was also such a great support and comfort for my family. Using the birth ball with Malaika during labour helped me stay active and ease through contractions. When I returned to the hospital after birth everyone knew me as ‘The Ball Lady’, since they had not seen a birth ball used before.

As moms having the baby blues is natural yet we aren’t always able to open up and talk about it. When Malaika came by for her postpartum home visit I was able to talk to her and she made me feel comfortable in going through my journey and the whole process of becoming a mom.” - Shani S.