I took my first yoga class with Ferron this morning. He is a total rock star. Authentic, grounded, sincere, talented, strong. His very personal and sincere teaching carries the essence of yoga, I feel, along with his compassionate attention to each and every student in the class. As for his humour, and the spiritual appreciation of life that exudes from him. This was really good. This was good.
— Hazel Da Breo

I feel the difference in my life since I have starting practicing yoga with Malaika. I first started during pregnancy and it really relaxed me.... I really recommend the pre-natal sessions. I then continued after having my baby as a way to ease my body back into a exercise routine. Plus, it is my “me time”, a time when... as I sit on the yoga mat, I am more than just wife and mother, I am simply ME.... Taking care of ME. Thank you Malaika sharing your practice with me.
— Ntaba Francis

Very welcoming place and people. Peace, focus and tranquility. Just what I need during a stressful week.
— Fayfay Moore

Being new to yoga Spice harmony has certainly provided a great introduction! I have had the opportunity to take classes with Ferron and Malaika and while both experiences were different in their own right, they were also both fantastic! I always walk away feeling refreshed and balanced.
— Gail Strachan Purcell

[...] This space is just the perfect space for me spiritually. The instruction is fabulous. Malaika is fabulous. I would recommend this studio and I don’t want to take away from the other studios. But for me this just is a very special studio.
— Xandra Fischer