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Ancestral Healing Session with Tash Mitch

  • Spice Harmony Yoga (map)

The focus of this wisdom circle will be on empowering your base and your foundation culturally, racially and ancestrally. On an island with a population of people who are 90% of African descent, slavery, disempowerment, and subservience are rooted in our history. Our ancestors lived through a lot of challenges, struggles, and painful situations so that they could survive to give life to us. Words like freedom, strength, success, power, and identity are profound words for people with a history like this. In this session, we will be honoring our past and empowering our present, so we can mindfully create our future with the gifts that our ancestors gave us.

$30EC per person

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About Tash Mitch

Tash Mitch is a Life and Business Energy Alchemist. She helps people to understand how their energy flows, how it gets blocked and how it can be used to heal, to manifest the things they love, and to create change and transformation in their lives and their work. We have hosted her meditation circles at Spice Harmony in the past and we're very excited to have her back!