November - Warrior III Pose



vira - bravery, courage   bhadra - blessed, auspicious   asana - posture, pose


Executing the techniques correctly is only the start of Yoga. Gradually the mind must also become involved and it is necessary to develop concentration and willpower. Concentration involves focusing the mind on the postures,paying attention to detail, and maintaining balance. Willpower overcomes flagging concentration and strength, and recharges the postures with energy. In this way, mind and body work together.
— B.K.S. Iyengar " Yoga,The Iyengar Way."


  • Promotes leg and back strength
  • Builds Stability and balance
  • Strengthens the hamstringsand gluten muscles.
  • Encourages determination and confidence.


  • Keep your knees andtoes in alignment to preventkneestrain; especially in the standing leg.
  • Slightlybend thekneeof thestandingleg if you feeldiscomfortor you havethe tendency tohyperextendyour kneejoints.
  • Your best propis awall. Move slowly andconsciously when attempting to press yourfootinto the wall.

SOURCE: "Yoga at yourwall", Stephanie Pappas.

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