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Kalino Finds The Music ~ Zumbini Series


Zumbini is 45-minute music and movement experience designed for children 0 to 4 years old with their caregivers. It includes singing, dancing and playing instruments. This bonding class focuses on energy, fun, and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.


Sessions include a Zumbini Bundle for you to continue the fun and learning at home!

  • 20 Original Songs - Take home the same music you heard in class to listen at home or in the car!

  • Songbook - Includes song lyrics, with fun animations that go with the songs

  • Plushtoy - A little treat for your little one


11:30am — 12:15pm
May 04 — July 06, 2019


10 classes + a Zumbini Bundle

First child $250.00EC

Additional children $50EC

Try up to two classes in the series for $30EC each.



Chrislyn Lashington, BSc. MPh. is a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor and Marketing/Communications specialist with an academic background in public health and life sciences.

Chrislyn has been actively delivering Zumba (dance fitness) classes for over 3 years in various communities, schools, camps, gyms, and national events. She has been a dancer since an early age and has a passion for music, movement, and expression. Recognising the positive impact that dance and music played in her life, she recently gained a license to facilitate Zumbini classes as a way to create a space for children to play, learn and naturally develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

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